Welcome to Autumn’s Tree Care!

Dane County and Southern Wisconsin Tree Trimming and Tree Removal Service 

We provide tree trimming, tree removal, and stump grinding. We hand climb where no equipment can access.

We have a 60′ bucket truck for large trees and chippers for brush chipping.

We pride ourselves on the following services: Prompt Emergency Storm Damage, Landscaping & Lawn Services, Tree Service, Arborists, Stump Removal & Grinding, and Firewood.

Seasonal Lawn Services Include:
Lawn Care & Brush Moving
Leaf Rake-up & Removal
Snow Plowing & Shoveling

Experienced Landscape Contractors

Your Local Tree Experts!

Spring is here! Clean Up Ahead…

What is not great about warmer temps and longer days to work outdoors in? In a word MUD! Before our latest “tool” find (Lucy , the lift)  getting a bucket truck in and off your property without leaving deep ruts or getting stuck,  meant waiting or a lot of extra work; expense or magic tricks. 

Meet Lucy – we love her, so do our neighbors in Sun Prairie, DeForest, Oregon and Madison Wisconsin. You will too.

Lucy can get in tight spots and reach heights of 70 ft high and 400 ft wide safely and lots faster than this climbing arborist.  To make the most of Lucy and your wallet Autumn Tree Service now offers we drop you clean up options for our Do It Yourself neighbors. Or hire us and your own ground crew!

To get Lucy’s quicker attention and ours; CLICK HERE

and let us know what you need.  Thanks for the opportunity. Lets get er done! For Faster Response you can always call!

Avoid storm damage to your property!

If your trees are top heavy or growing too close to your house this could happen to you.


With spring storms coming a free inspection and proper trimming now could save you $1,000.00’s and prevent damage to your otherwise healthy trees- not to mention your roof.

We do work with neighbors plus we offer a neighborhood discount. We offer emergency service but once the storms hit – our calendar fills up;! We get more calls than we can handle and you pay higher costs.

Why not save? email  arborist.autumntreecare@gmail.com or call/text 608 332-8733 

Serving Dane County’s property owners for over 20 years. Fully Insured. References Available.

April 1st or when the sap runs is the deadline to trim Oak Trees

It is believed that the Oak Wilt disease started in Wisconsin. The best time to prune Oak Trees is  in the dead of the winter. In Wisconsin the deadline is April 1st OR before the sap begins to run. This video is a good watch if you are interested. Oak Trees are an asset to any property owner. We are here to help. If you know your Oak tree needs attention our estimates are free. Time is running out so Book now Janesville, Milton, Edgerton, and Dane County Neighbors.

Central Shop Locations Help Us Keep Your Tree Care Costs Affordable.

Key to promptly serving your customer’s tree needs is advance planning and having the dump sites and  parking for the equipment you need nearby.

Imagine navigating throughout Dane County with a bucket truck or our 65′ aerial lift to reach backyards – it saves time and costs to have a location near your customers. Currently we have equipment and dump sites for brush in four locations.  Our shop in McFarland is useful for customers calling from Stoughton, McFarland and South East Madison.

The shop in Sun Prairie means customers are reached in less than 15 minutes. West Madison, Verona and Middleton Cross Plains are best served from the west side location and from Fair Oaks Avenue we serve East Madison , North and Downtown Madison.

If you know your trees are top heavy,  infested or you have needs coming up send us the heads up and tell a neighbor; maybe we can all save money and make it a party!

Why is winter your absolute best time to trim or remove dead trees?

YES! This is the absolute best time for your landscape and your budget to have your trees trimmed or removed!!

Our cold temperatures makes for a cold hard ground. There are no leaves. The trees have 30% less material on them right now. It is easier to work on them, plus it is easier to see to prune to their correct structure.

We have very specialized aerial equipment that minimizes landscape access and makes performing tree work both safe and efficient.

This equipment is as light as a small pick up truck. It is self propelled and on wide turf tires that is capable of going through snow. Have a fenced in yard and absolutely no equipment access? We are also capable of hand climbing your trees.

The best rates available for having tree related projects done on a budget is to hire us to only do the aerial work. You can certainly pay us to chip brush, haul away wood, or rake-up. Our overhead to do that though is much higher than say a landscape or lawn care company or the neighborhood guy with a pick up and trailer. We’d rather use the limited window of time to get as much aerial tree work done as possible.

If you’re capable of hauling or burning brush or giving wood away or using it, you can save at least half of the normal cost to have a tree service staff deal with the brush, wood, and rake-up. We can come in and do the aerial tree work needed. You can wait for the snow to melt and clean it up in the spring. You could even hire a landscape or lawn care company or advertise a debris removal gig  on craigslist. Spring storms are right around the corner – save on damage from falling limbs.

Sum it all up and I think you will agree!

  • The ground is hard; your landscape and lawns wont incur as much damage.
  • Lower costs; Idle crews and equipment costs me money. Savings are passed on to you.
  • Less brush equals faster clean up; less labor costs
  • Prevent Oak Wilt from spreading; deadline is approaching.
  • Emerald Ash Borer is dormant; removal now helps prolong the life of healthy ash trees.